Compact Secondary Substations

Energy transformation in secondary distribution networks

A Compact Secondary Substation (CSS) is a type tested and arc tested assembly comprising an enclosure containing medium voltage (MV) switchgear, distribution transformers, low voltage (LV) switchboards, connections and auxiliary equipment to supply LV energy from MV systems.

These substations are typically installed in locations accessible to the public and ensure safety according to specified service conditions.

Why ABB?

  • Type tested per latest IEC standard 62271-202
  • High level of safety for personnel and equipment due to the highest degree of Internal Arc Classification
  • Wide range of ratings and capacities as well as layouts in steel, concrete and innovative GRP housing
  • Complete ABB portfolio of components
  • Global leader with huge installed base, global service coverage and high level of engineering capabilities

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Our CSS offering

Segment focus

ABB compact secondary substations address worldwide industry-specific applications, is supplied globally to markets adopting the IEC standards, and accommodates local standards where these are aligned or overlap with IEC.

The UniPack family of CSS solutions have variants suited to a vast array of applications across segments including — but not limited to — renewables, industry, utilities, infrastructure and other grid applications.

While an ABB CSS will align to almost any segment, these solutions would best serve projects that benefit from its reduced lead time by use of a standard design and reduced shipping costs, which outweigh the need for strict adherence to a predefined site specification.

The UniPack-G compact secondary substation provides the safety, quality and longevity needed for harsh environment applications.

At 1,800 meters above sea level, the Lac des Toules is exposed to the full power of the elements in the Swiss Alps. It's the perfect place for local power company Romande Energie to harness clean solar power – provided the equipment can withstand the environmental conditions. Enter ABB.
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