Eco-friendly GRP compact secondary substation ideal for harsh environments

As underground cabling and urbanization continues, new remote locations are not ideal to build heavy concrete compact secondary substation (CSS) units. To meet this challenge ABB has developed a CSS enclosure solution that combines the benefits of steel and concrete, is robust enough to protect the equipment inside from the extremes of heat and cold, and is lightweight for ease of transport to remote locations.

This modular platform is called UniPack-G, where “G” stands for glass reinforced polyester (GRP), can house the CSS along with a wide range of additional electrical equipment.

The ABB UniPack-G features a scalable design that meets demanding application requirements, especially in secluded areas where renewable energy is being generated. It is appropriate for a variety of cold, moderate and hot climates at locations ranging from sea-spray soaked coastlines to remote heat-seared sandy deserts.

As a UniPack-G CSS enclosure weighs less than its concrete equivalent, transportation costs are minimized, and ease of installation is increased. It’s low-maintenance requirements make it ideal for isolated and difficult to access locations.

Product scope

  • Rated voltage up to 40,5kV
  • Transformer rating up to 3500kVA
  • Available with ABB Air or Gas insulated MV secondary switchgear
  • Footprint and layout flexibility to match customer requirements:


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Did you know…

… that ABB’s eco-friendly compact secondary substation UniPack-G is ideally suited for the harshest environments?

The Alpine lake bringing power to western Switzerland

The UniPack-G compact secondary substation provides the safety, quality and longevity needed for harsh environment applications.

At 1,800 meters above sea level, the Lac des Toules is exposed to the full power of the elements in the Swiss Alps. It's the perfect place for local power company Romande Energie to harness clean solar power – provided the equipment can withstand the environmental conditions. Enter ABB.

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