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The world has seen a massive digital transformation over the last decade. Studies foresee that by 2025, over 460 exabytes of data will be generated daily. Together with the ever-increasing consumption of data is the steadily rising demand for data centers that can scale and grow to address current and future user requirements. 

Speed and scale are vital components in future-proofing data centers. To meet the mounting demand for data and connectivity, data centers are now focusing their efforts towards increasing speed to deployment and improving scalability. ​

ABB offers modular, scalable, and prefabricated solutions that improve speed to deployment between 30 to 50% . These integrated solutions can reduce installation and commissioning costs, decrease the possibility of schedule delays and cost overruns, lower onsite labor requirements and facilitate a safer work environment as these are integrated and tested before leaving the factory. 

In addition to our prefabricated solutions that help data center operators observe a pay as you grow model, ABB has a wide portfolio of modular and scalable solutions that enable our clients to pace capacities and expenses as their facilities develop. ​

Make ABB your reliable partner in meeting present and future operational challenges. 



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Speed and scalability are very important topics for us. ABB’s modular, scalable, and prefabricated solutions enable data centers quicker speed to deployment and return on investment while also providing the flexibility to size according to today’s demand but easily scale for future demand. Ideal solution for colocation, edge and cloud data centers those solutions will support faster builds and promote scalability. Followingly you can find articles, blog posts, videos and case studies to support the topic. With any specific questions please feel free to contact our specialists who would be happy to support your journey towards speed without sacrificing functionality, reliability or safety.

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