ACSM1-04 - motion control drive

Add flexibility and versatility to your machine axis operation

The ACSM1 is your flexible workhorse for machinery applications from basic speed and torque control to demanding position control. Control both synchronous and asynchronous motors, with and without a feedback device. A wide power range, different product variants and programming flexibility ensure an optimum solution for both single and multi-axis systems. 


  • 0.75 to 355 kW/1 to 450 hp 
  • Three-phase operation 230 to 500 V AC
  • 3 to 635 A rms, power range 0.75 to 355 kW
  • IP20 enclosure for cabinet installation (UL open)
  • Suitable for single drive and multidrive (common DC) configurations
  • Speed, torque and position control
  • Controls synchronous and induction motors in open and closed loop
  • Integrated safe torque-off (STO) as standard
  • Innovative memory unit for easy drive management
  • Product variant for elevators

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