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Join the Energy Efficiency Movement with ABB Australia

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Energy efficiency is not an if, it’s a must.

It is a simple and impactful solution to mitigate climate change. It’s the low-hanging fruit we need to bridge our path to a future where all energy is clean energy.

The Energy Efficiency Movement brings together all stakeholders to innovate and act for a more energy efficient, regenerative, adaptive world. Together, we can make a real difference if that’s how we decide to use our power.

Do you know about the vital role of high-efficiency
motors and drives in reducing energy consumption?

It is estimated that by 2050, the global population will rise to 9.7 billion, from 7.7 billion in 2019. The global economy is expected to more than double over the same period.

Urbanisation, automation, and the rise of living standards will increase the demand for energy globally.

38% of electric energy usage is for motors in commercial buildings. 70% of electricity consumed by industry is used in electric motor systems.

When added to the existing motor of a pump, fan or compressor, a variable speed drive (VSD) can typically reduce power consumption by 25%.

Let ABB show you how...

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Become part of the Movement

The Energy Efficiency Movement is open to companies and organisations who are prepared to make firm commitments to improve the energy efficiency of their operations.  It's about preparing for a more sustainable future together.

Take a read of the stories below to understand how ABB in Australia is already supporting businesses in a range of industry sectors to optimise their operations and reduce their carbon emissions.

Plus, we outline the Energy Efficiency solutions helping them to make this happen.

What does it mean to join the Energy Efficiency Movement?

As an Energy Efficiency Movement participant, you make a commitment to improve energy efficiency in a concrete way, share that commitment, and then act upon it. We encourage our participants to spread our message through their own channels, as well as establishing partnerships that help to create a more sustainable future for humanity as a whole.

Ready to be part of the Energy Efficiency Movement?
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