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ACS880 regenerative drives

ACS880 regenerative drives are a compact and complete regenerative drive solution, with everything you need for regenerative operation in cyclic or continuous braking applications. Such applications include cranes, elevators, centrifuges, downhill conveyers and test benches.

With regenerative functionality, the braking energy of the motor is returned to the drive and distributed to the supply network so that it can be utilized by other equipment. Everything needed for regenerative operation, such as active supply unit and LCL line filter are included in the drive. The active supply unit allows full power flow in both motoring and generating modes.

Simplified installation and energy savings

By feeding energy back to the network, significant energy savings can be achieved compared to other braking methods. With mechanical or resistor braking, energy dissipates as heat and is wasted. The handling of waste heat may be an issue if the braking power is significant, and additional cooling might be required.

As no external braking devices are needed, the drive installation is simple, and the installation footprint is small. There is no need to add cooling to handle the heat generated by mechanical or resistor braking. Wiring is simple and fewer spare parts are needed.

Low harmonic content

The drive produces exceptionally low harmonic content and exceeds the requirements of harmonic guidance/standards such as IEEE519, IEC61000-3-2, IEC61000-3-12 and IEC61000-3-4 and G5/4. Compared to a conventional drive, the harmonic content is reduced by up to 97%. The total harmonic current distortion is typically <3% in a nominal situation and an undistorted network.

Efficient energy utilization

The ACS880 regenerative drives achieve a unity power factor, indicating that electrical energy is being used efficiently.

The drive offers the possibility for network power factor correction to compensate for the low power factors of equipment connected to the same network. It can help to avoid penalty charges set by electrical utilities for poor power factors.

Lower harmonics and full motor voltage at all times mean reduced system losses and better overall system efficiency.

High performance drives

The drive is also suitable for demanding applications. It features direct torque control (DTC) as standard, enabling ultra-fast transition between motoring and generating mode. With regenerative drives it is possible to regenerate 100% of the power continuously.

Drives active supply unit is able to boost output voltage, which guarantees full motor voltage even when the supply voltage is below nominal. Voltage boost capability can also be utilized to overcome a voltage drop caused by long supply or motor cables or output filters.



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