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Remote Visual Guidance

Simplifying troubleshooting with live and interactive support from an ABB expert

It is not always practical to have an ABB expert physically attend site to fix a problem. On-site maintenance engineers can now call upon the help of ABB technical experts using the Remote Visual Guidance tool to help rapidly and efficiently navigate to the heart of the problem.

Using a mobile phone, Remote Visual Guidance featuring Augmented Reality (AR) brings the ABB expert directly to site, via a secure connection and without having to physically travel. The installation of an app or special software is not required. The expert gets real-time visual insight to the application, accessing chat, images or videos shared by the on-site engineer. The ABB expert helps the on-site engineer troubleshoot by guiding through the service process with the aid of interactive tools that visualize the instructions.


  • Minimized downtime
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Improved personnel safety
  • Easy to use tool

    Three simple steps to get remote visual guidance from an ABB expert

    Contact your local ABB representative

     ABB reviews the case and ensures that the right expert is available to support your case.

    Connect to ABB’s Remote Visual Guidance tool

    • ABB sends you a link by email or text message to start a remote session via a secure VPN channel.
    • The link opens a web browser and a call is placed to the ABB expert’s Remote Visual Guidance app.
    • When the call is connected, the ABB expert can directly see the on-site application and is better positioned to assess the problem being experienced.

    The ABB expert helps resolve the problem

    The ABB expert guides through the troubleshooting process with the aid of interactive tools that visualize the instructions.

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