Drive Composer

Drive Composer is a start-up and maintenance tool for ABB's common architecture drives. The tool is used to view and set drive parameters, and to monitor and tune process performance.

The entry version of Drive Composer provides basic functionality for setting parameters, basic monitoring, taking local control of the drive from the PC, and event logger handling. The entry version is available for free, and can be downloaded from below.

Drive Composer pro is the full-fledged commissioning and troubleshooting tool. Order Drive Composer pro through ABB sales channels. Existing license holders can upgrade to latest version of Drive Composer pro by downloading the installation package from below. 

Software Features Entry version
 -  Pro version
 -  Drivetune 

Operating system supported  Windows
10 & 11
10 & 11
  IOS and  Android

License  Free   License required   Free

Online and offline modes available      no offline
  Use the USB port of an Assistant control panel for PC tool communication      -
  Use Bluetooth of an Bluetooth Assistant control panels for PC tool communication. This is available in the first phase only for Entry version ●     -  
  Use Ethernet-based fieldbus adapter module or Panel bus network connection -     -
  Control, monitor and display status of the connected drive       ●
  Work simultaneously with multiple drives (networked drives) -       -
 Parameters Management
  Management of connected drive parameters (Display & modification)
  Edit parameter files in offline mode -  
  Copy/download parameters to a drive    
  Customization of parameter windows     -
  Save and export parameters to a parameter file     
  Compare parameters between parameter lists or drives -     -
  Drive parameter conversion tool (for ACS800/ACS600) -     -
  User parameter set functionality (only ACS880 drives) -     -
  Monitor signals in numerical and graphical format Max 8 signals
  Max 26 signals
  Monitor signals simultaneously from multiple drives connected -    
  Save and Export monitored data to a computer    
  Open and analyze the saved or monitored files      -
 Additional features
  Adaptive programming feature (Create and edit programs)      -
  Control diagrams for parameter setting and diagnostic purposes -      -
   Creation, configuration and execution of Macro scripts -      -
   Configure the optional safety functions modules (FSO) -      -
   Firmware loader (Update drive) -      -
   Drive text editor (manage user editable texts in a drive) -      -
   Create EDS export files of a connected drive -      -
   Display contents of an event logger (faults and warnings) partly      ●
   Display and analyze of data logged in a drive -      -
   Mobile Connect -   -    ●

 Display of System info (basic information about the drive and its options)
   Connect to Drive installed base (DIB) service portal (register, search, report)    
   Backup/restore functions  
   Advance restore (restore a set of components/parameter settings) -     -
   Create backup of all connected drives in a computer network -      -
   User interface available in different languages      ●
   Virtual drive launcher available -      -
   Use an OPC-based commissioning and maintenance tool -      -



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