BORDLINE M® AND PowerBriX® auxiliary converters and battery chargers 

Two product’s family to meet all customer’s needs. 

ABB offers a comprehensive range of high performance auxiliary converters and battery chargers. 

Our products and solutions include both standard and custom products to meet all requirements. 

All the ABB Auxiliaries and battery chargers are realized using pre-validated power modules controlled by a standard software library.   

BORDLINE® M static converters are customizable, compact, lightweight units for the onboard power supplies of rail vehicles. They feature latest semiconductor technology and a rugged mechanical design developed especially to ensure long service life and high availability. 

The static converter system BORDLINE® M is a solution to convert DC or AC voltage to a three-phase AC output and/or a regulated DC output to charge on-board batteries. 

BORDLINE® M family also includes converters necessary to connect high power/high energy storage systems to the traction chain (also called Energy Storage Converters – ESS ). 

PowerBriX® converters are the new base products of the ABB family setting new standards for efficient power supply in rail vehicles. 

They are based on silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductors and optimized system architecture to minimize weight and volumes in favor of efficiency of the overall system. 

The new PowerBriX® auxiliary converter platform for urban mass transit has been designed in three power sizes according to vehicle requirements. These converters are highly standardized but tailorable thanks to a wide set of options (i.e. specific fixing point, AC&DC output power, input stage) in order to reach a system that fully meets the customer’s specific needs, both in new vehicles and retrofit projects.

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