BORDLINE® M for metros

Auxiliary converters and battery chargers with 1.5 kVdc grid voltage

The static converter system BORDLINE M for metro is designed for metro applications using nominal grid voltage of 1.5 kVdc and generates onboard supply voltages. The units are suitable for new vehicles as well as retrofit fleets.

BORDLINE M series are compact, rugged units, designed for under-floor mounting. Featuring all standard AC (variable and fix frequency) and DC outputs and offered in all power ranges. The units are designed to be cooled by a built-in fan, liquid cooling system or natural convection according to customer requirements.

Special customized design, other input voltages and output power levels are available on request.

For light metro solutions with nominal grid voltage of 750 Vdc, please refer to BORDLINE® M for light rail vehicles.

For heavy metro solutions with line voltage of 3 kVdc or AC medium voltage, please refer to BORDLINE® M for Electrical Multiple Units (EMU).

Key product features

  • Standardized modules (Power Electronic Building Blocks)
  • Robust and rugged design
  • Easy maintenance and excellent service concept
  • Flat battery start-up device available on request

For further details, please refer to the data sheets.

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