Electric buses have been a common sight on the roads of cities across the world for a few years now. However, with road transport alone accounting for 10% of global CO₂ emissions, and road transport emissions rising faster than those of any other sector (according to the UN Climate Change Conference COP26 conference) there is an urgent need to increase the pace of transitioning to better options including electric buses.

Electric buses are significantly more energy-efficient and sustainable than conventional diesel-powered vehicles. The use of electricity for power instead of diesel means they are much more efficient and productive when operating up to 18 hours/day by sourcing energy from a combination of overhead wires (catenaries) and/or battery power.

It is clear that emission-free public transportation improves local air quality and reduces noise pollution. Transitioning to an electric vehicle fleet requires smart technologies that are quickly deployable and have lower operational costs than traditional bus systems.


pictogram_low total cost of ownership

Higher efficiency and lower maintenance

Due to their high efficiency and fewer moving parts, electric buses have a lower operating cost compared to diesel buses. Maintenance is generally lower for electric buses.

reduce energy

Reduced energy costs

It is about 2.5 times cheaper to power vehicles with electricity rather than diesel. Electricity prices are generally much more stable than gasoline or diesel prices.


Improved air quality

Electric buses can reduce air pollution, particularly in large cities. According to Public Health England, there are 28,000 to 36,000 deaths per year which are caused by air pollution.


Quieter operations

Electric buses have a positive impact on the community offering a quiet, smooth ride will improve the sentiment among passengers. The lack of an engine results in reduced noise pollution and the smell of fumes.


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A clean, quiet, and electric ride through the Swiss town of Baden


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