Like many industries, vehicles used in material handling such as reach stackers and forklifts, emit a significant amount of carbon dioxide (CO₂) in their daily operations. This is particularly problematic at industries with 24h hour operation.  

There is an urgent need to reduce the impact on our planet by significantly reducing annual CO₂ emissions. This urgency is particularly high in ports that are estimated to increase emissions fourfold by 2050.

The ongoing price and supply volatility of fuel is adding another challenge for operators, so it is critically important for companies in materials handling to transition to a sustainable transport approach today.

To help the material handling industry achieve their sustainability goals, ABB is working in partnership with OEMs and System Integrators, using its experience from innovating in sustainable transportation solutions since the late 19th century, to provide complete electric powertrains for industrial working vehicles and machinery.



Reduced emissions

By electrifying and automating materials handling vehicles we can start to reduce the 18 million tonnes annually of CO₂ emissions, as well as other harmful pollutants caused by the marine industry in port.


Healthier working environments and cleaner ports

Reducing the amount of CO₂ and other gases means cleaner environments for port workers, along with cleaner cities for those ports located nearer city centers.

pictogram_low total cost of ownership

 Reduced maintenance and greater   efficiency

By transitioning to electric-powered vehicles for materials handling, we can reduce the servicing and maintenance compared with diesel-powered vehicles. This means increased operational capacity and reduced downtime.

pictogram_low total cost of ownership

 Higher efficiency and lower         maintenance

Due to their high efficiency and fewer moving parts, electricity-powered material handling vehicles have a lower operating cost compared to diesel vehicles. Maintenance is generally lower for electric vehicles.


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