Monitor and manage chargers in real-time

ABB browser based Web tools are online management tools providing charging infrastructure operators with real-time status information and usage statistics to monitor and operate their equipment.

ABB offers 3 Web tools: Driver Care, Payment management and Charger Care

Driver Care 
Driver care is the optimal tool for monitoring and reporting on a charging network. It can be used by operators without a back office, or as a monitoring tool in addition to a back office system.

Payment Management
Payment management enables operators to configure payment options on chargers equipped with a payment terminal. Pricing per outlet can be set, and behavior of the payment terminal can be configured. The operator is provided with full insight in all payment transactions per charger, per day.

Charger Care
Charger Care is an advanced service tool for operators performing service themselves or via 3rd party resources. It enables remote diagnostics and troubleshooting, making use of a broader set of data than what can be supported by OCPP. It allows for advanced remote repair activities, which can in many cases prevent a site delegation, thereby reducing time to repair and minimizing operational costs. 

Services and Tools

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