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ABB Ability™ Integrated Task Manager

Coordinate, execute and track daily operations tasks across all disciplines - control room, field operations, maintenance, quality etc.

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Commonly, work instructions, task status updates are shared verbally or recorded in written documents. The absence of a digital record can lead to delays, uncomplete jobs, and the lack of visibility into the status of assigned tasks. 

The ABB Ability™ Integrated Task Manager is a software application that improves daily operations by making planned work transparent, track progress and supports the execution of the tasks. It enables sharing of best practice, elimination of error-prone paper work and a more convenient way of working.

It uses a Kanban board that supports lean principles and improves operations by providing a visual overview of planned work, priorities, ongoing tasks.  

Key features

  • Dynamic display of jobs and tasks to be performed (by date, order of priority, discipline, etc.)
  • Clear view of all upcoming jobs, over a selected time period
  • Scheduling tasks based on a calendar or reoccurrence cycle, and add tasks based on staff observations or automatically triggered by an event
  • Closely tracking tasks by adding tags, estimating time, setting due dates/ times, priorities and notifications
  • Creating job templates with the needed level of detail and customization, and help teams to work more effectively
  • Supports tighter digital teamwork, in an effective, simple and engaging manner
  • Effectively automate, coordinate, execute and track tasks involved in the daily operations across many disciplines and industries
  • Simple to set-up and manage, and easy to use for all levels of technical understanding
  • Full transparency via visual dashboards and Kanban view, ensuring no important tasks are overlooked


Enhance safety, efficiency and productivity

  • Ensure work is complete and tasks are not overlooked
  • Improve communication, visibility and accountability

Simplifies everyday operations

  • Reduce low value work, promote collaboration and enhance consistency and compliance with procedures and best practices
  • Works integrated with existing applications and systems and allows synchronization with DCS, MES, ERP, CMMS and other systems

Always up to date on your tasks and priorities

  • Information about you and your teams pending jobs, status and priorities available at a glance
  • Accessible via browser, phone or tablet

Easy to install, implement and use

  • Can be configured to reflect your current operations providing rapid onboarding of your work practices
  • Fully customizable checklists and procedures area of work, discipline etc. by department and position.

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