ABB Ability™ Connected Worker

Digitalize the field operator experience when executing manual procedures, rounds, work instructions and checklists using state of the art technologies to improve efficiencies and reduce human error.

Mobile assisted execution of rounds, checklists and procedures
Execute workflows, collaborate using Android, iOS, Windows device, HoloLens App

Paperless execution of work order instructions for maintenance
Enable consistent effective execution and collaboration

Work instruction and procedure management
Define workflows and supporting information for assisted execution

Assign, schedule and track jobs

Follow up on the status of planned, ongoing and completed work

Capture tribal knowledge
Engage users in continuous improvement of SOPs and experience sharing

*Augmented Field Procedures and Integrated Task Manager solutions become ABB Ability™ Connected Worker apps

Make a step change in improving frontline workforce competency and onboarding speed

Mobile App, Web Client, HoloLens app

Execute workflows and collaborate using smartphones, tablets, HoloLens

  • replace paper-based scope of work - SOPs
  • add media files, take pictures, record videos
  • work on-line or off-line
  • collaboration between field & control room
    hands-free, augmented data with HoloLens


Define workflows and
supporting information

  • build complex conditional logic and parallel
    tasks with “no-code” drag-and-drop tools
  • include rich instruction adding images, videos
  • choose from the library of pre-defined step types
  • connect to DCS to read data not available in the field or enter field measurements not in the DCS

Task Manager

Assign, schedule and track jobs
from predefined procedures

  • schedule now, later, recurring, event-based
  • assign task to defined users, user groups
  • leverage Kanban view to monitor job status, avoid delays and reduce bottlenecks
  • digitize & transmit manually collected data to the relevant system (e.g. APM data collection)


ABB Ability™ Augmented Field Procedures enables consistent, effective and safe execution of manual procedures – every time.

Enhance Health & Safety

  • Reduce incidents and abnormal situations by effectively guiding and supporting operators every step when executing critical procedures
  • Comply with statutory requirements

Increase efficiency

  • Improve creation, distribution, maintenance and consistent execution of procedures, resulting in reduction of waste, complete procedures faster and minimizes downtime caused by manual errors
  • Interactive with the real time process control system to ensure synchronization of manual with automated industrial procedures

Improve field operations collaboration

  • Linking procedures and tasks to the involved roles and persons and providing the interface to enable the seamless collaboration and confirmation by multiple stakeholders.   Everyone is “on the same page”

Retention of corporate knowledge

  • Retain operating discipline knowledge as a basis for efficient and standardized work practices.
  • Provide a basis for operator training and certification

Accelerate process improvements

  • Captured procedure execution performance, collected data and operator comments allows for continuous improvements

Ensure complete audit trail and data

  • Audit trail of actions, time-stamps and complete execution history for every step to ensure workers follow procedures

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