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When it comes to digital transformation of industry, our experts know what it takes to create change from top-down and bottom-up. With expertise grounded in the real world, we’ll work together to transform your business and operations.

If your ambition for Industry 4.0 matches ours

Inspiring stories

Solving the toughest problems and delivering real value with hands-on experience and tailored digital solutions.

Think big

Digital transformation is about empowering your people and inspiring meaningful change to the way you work.

  • Disrupt longstanding asset management and operational practices
  • Create new products and stronger customer experiences
  • Achieve sustainability goals

Get practical

Digital transformation playbook
Industry-specific applications

In today’s complex, hyper-connected and globalized world, technology has outpaced business processes, putting pressure on companies to constantly improve day-to-day performance.

This playbook for digitalization at scale is written for industry, by industry experts in the trenches. Experts, who are already seeing evidence that transformation is working and demonstrating enormous value to the business when driven by a single digital strategy across the enterprise.

Practical path to digital transformation that scales

To ensure your digital transition progresses smoothly, ABB has built an Enterprise Digital Transformation toolbox to drive and manage the process.

Whatever stage you’re at with Industry 4.0, it’s easy to get started with any of our co-creation modules and achieve your strategic targets faster.

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