Energy optimization: advanced industrial use cases and software demo [WEBINAR ON DEMAND]

Well designed government programs such as "Industrial Deep Decarbonization", "Green Public Procurement" and others, are here to help the industrial sector to accelerate decarbonization. Adoption of an energy management system (EnMS) is often required to be eligible for such programs. An EnMS with more advanced forecasting capabilities becomes indispensable to participate in the energy markets with more attractive dynamic pricing. There is also a a growing number of ISO 50001 certifications in Germany, China, Italy, UK and other countries. Metals industry has the highest number of certifications. It’s not obligatory, but many organizations still decide to implement the standard for the benefits it provides. It’s a great way to demonstrate  high-impact sustainability measures, promote best practices externally -  improve company’s shareholder value and social reputation.

The cornerstone of an industrial sustainability and energy optimization program is the capability to monitor, visualize and report energy consumption, GHG emissions and other KPIs – as a mechanism to judge progress and program effectiveness. The true benefits and savings will come from how the information is utilized and correlated with multiple constraints specific to each industry.

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With ABB software, an industrial energy system is modeled as an Economic Flow Network. This configurable model is populated with data that allows optimization based on business objectives over a specified time range and is applied for balancing process, strategic planning, budgeting, contractual,  regulatory compliance, etc.

Our digital sustainability experts will share advanced industrial use cases and demonstrate ABB's software for industrial energy management and optimization.



Nazanin Azari
Digital Solution Consultant
Sustainability | Connected Workforce

Anis Korchi
Digital Portfolio Leader

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