ABB Ability™ Manufacturing Operations Management - Excel Analyze App

The ABB Ability™ Manufacturing Operations Management system collects large amount of process and production data. This data is essential to keep track of the process and plant performance.

Microsoft Excel is the tool of choice for many process engineers to work with this process and production data. Microsoft® Excel® is typically used for creating reports, perform calculations and analyzing process data.

The Excel Analyze App provides tailor-made Microsoft Excel functions to fast and easy access process and production data in a well-known spreadsheet format and allow users to take full advantage of the Excel calculations and analysis capabilities.


  • Secure connection between ABB Ability™ MOM Services History and Microsoft Excel
  • Predefined tailor made Microsoft Excel functions to access all MOM Services Data Storage data
  • Predefined tailor-made Microsoft Excel functions to access all report data source interfaces hosted
    by the MOM Services
  • Take advantage of all capabilities in the well-known spreadsheet format
  • Microsoft Excel based reporting
The Excel Analyze App is an add-in to Microsoft Excel. 

The add-in provides a secure connection from the MOM Services server to the Microsoft Excel client. The functions in the add-in give users access to any MOM data such as time series data and events from MOM History or any report data available as report data sources published by applications hosted by the MOM Services framework.

This means all data available in MOM Reporting can also be retrieved into Microsoft Excel. The add-in includes not only read functions but also write functions. This means Microsoft Excel also can be used to enter data into the system. The standard MOM Services access rights are applied also inside Microsoft Excel e.g. single or double authentication can be applied when using a write function to write data to the system.

The Excel Analyze App is easy to getting started with by using your existing Microsoft Excel knowledge.

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