ABB Ability™ Manufacturing Operations Management Applications (Apps)

Go further with decision tools that are just as flexible as you are.

The industry is moving into a new era. Here people and intelligent units are in focus; industry, technology and ICT, working in networks with you and your colleagues. At ABB, we are moving to the next level along with the industry through Manufacturing Operations Management Apps.

The ABB Ability™ Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Services Platform is, in addition to being an anchor for the intelligent information infrastructure, also an interactive platform that hosts different software applications. This enables you to expand and be more agile by adding new relevant industrial software applications, as requirements from different operational excellence programs or business objectives change.

Those Apps is being developed by ABB and are continually being expanded with applications added by partners – even from other sectors or industries. In that way, applications from our MOM offering will not only unite the industry in the future, but also expand it.

The applications can be divided into two categories: Process Intelligence Apps and Production Intelligence Apps.


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