ABB Ability™ Manufacturing Operations Management - Trends and Events App

Automations systems continuously collect and store large amounts of process data such as process measurement and many different type of events. To get a complete picture of the process performance, it is essential to explore and understand this large amount of control system process data.

The ABB Ability™ Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) - Trends and Events App allows users to explore and analyze this typical process data. The intelligent search engine ensures fast and easy access to the process data and the powerful trend and event views support detailed analysis of any combination of process data.

The Trends and Events App is easy to group and organize together with all other ABB Ability™ Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Applications using the MOM Launchpad. This give every users fast access to their trends and events views and nimble navigation to other MOM Applications for data analysis in different contexts.


  • Fast and easy access and analysis of trend and event data regardless from which control system the data origins
  • Comprehensive trend analysis tool including presentation of related events
  • Easy to use and powerful event search and filtering including comprehensive event analysis
  • Easy to export data to 3rd party analysis tools such as Microsoft® Excel®.

When working with the trends part of the Trends and Events App, users can perform detailed analysis of trend data. Users simply drag and drop trend tags within a given time frame, using the search engine, to add trend data to the trend display. The trend display supports zoom and pan, multiple x-axis and various presentation styles such as line, mountain, etc.

For each trend several different aggregates types can be applied such as MAX, MIN, STD, DEV etc. For each trend it is possible to define acceptable deviation limits to support center lining analysis. An event list displays all related events to the trend tags displayed in the trend display allowing users to analyze related events to current selection of trends.

When working with the events part of the Trend and Events App users simply drag and drop different events types within a given time frame, using the search engine, to populate the event grid. The event grid supports advanced filtering, grouping and search capabilities of the current selection of events and the layout is easy to customize to fit a particular use case. Statistical functions such as event frequency over time and event distribution based on any selected event attribute are available and continuously updated in the same view. Thus creating an effective workflow to search, find, filter and analyze events. 

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