Industrial energy monitoring and reporting software

Measuring energy consumption of equipment is the basis for energy efficiency improvement in the industrial plants

Energy Monitoring and Reporting module of the ABB Energy Manager software analyzes the use of energy and utilities to calculate energy efficiencies . It provides visual tools to support energy efficiency improvement actions by quickly and accurately indicating actual performance and comparing it with set targets.

Some examples of the performance reports are:

  • Consumption and cost of utilities per hour/day/month/year, by individual and aggregated users
  • Consumption and cost of utilities per end product unit
  • Analysis of load profile and peak demand
  • Benchmarking (comparing current performance against the past)
  • Rating energy performance against targets

Basic energy monitoring and reporting is an initial package of ABB Energy Manager software solution, it can be expanded to provide complete optimization of energy use and supply for the entire facility. For a corporate customer multiple facilities can be integrated to provide a company-wide solution and to allow comparisons, benchmarking and sharing best practices between the production facilities.


User interface

Energy Manager user interface has been implemented on Microsoft .NET technology providing a single click, role based, thin client user interface. Tools and information are available to all authorized users with access to your company computer network. The appearance of the user interface, including graphics, trends, and other display elements are fully configurable from the user client.

Users can implement application specific calculations using interactive calculation tool and the system is integrated with Microsoft Excel to automatically populate your spreadsheets with relevant information.

Interactive calculation tool
  • Measured energy consumption
  • Costs and energy efficiencies
  • Setting targets for energy consumption
  • Monitoring actual performance against targets
  • Uniform report and display templates
  • Customer specific reports and process displays
  • Analysis tools to analyse energy consumption
  • Alarms to alert operators to take action

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