Industrial energy load planning software

Accurate forecasting of load schedules helps the industrial plants lower the price of purchased energy when the energy market offers variable pricing.

Energy Load Planning module of the ABB Energy Manager software calculates the predicted energy consumption schedules based on the production data and other correlating parameters. The consumption schedules can be sent to the energy suppliers or used as the basis for energy supply planning.

The predicted load schedule contains valuable information for the power supplier, especially if consumption is high and varies over time. With the advance information of the load schedule, the planning and optimization of the supply schedule becomes possible. Large energy consumers can plan and optimize their energy supply themselves using Energy Manager's energy balance optimization module, while smaller facilities may submit predicted load schedules to the power supplier.

Energy Load Planning module of the ABB Energy Management software package can be further expanded to provide complete optimization of energy use and supply for the entire facility. For a corporate customer multiple facilities can be integrated to provide a company-wide solution and to allow comparisons, benchmarking and sharing best practices between the production facilities.


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