Building management systems

ABB's Facility Automation Solution (FAS) provides pre-engineered and pretested modules that make it possible for users to control, manage and report environmental conditions during and after manufacture of a particular batch, while verifying who took actions affecting those conditions.

Using a reusable pretested solution provides significant benefits and cost savings in project delivery, plant operations, compliance and validation costs.

A common 800xA system platform across process automation and facility automation reduces costs associated with project engineering, commissioning, qualification, training, documentation and maintenance, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership.

This approach provides a simplified means of combining key environmental data into the batch production record.

The standard set of pre-engineered and pretested templates include:

  • Various air handling units (supply, supply and recirculation etc.)
  • Utility modules (chillers, boilers etc.)
  • Advanced automatic lead/lag, duty/stand-by switching for on/off or variable speed motors etc.
  • Overall facility startup and shutdown sequence
  • Scheduler
  • Zone monitoring and zone control
  • Operational and compliance reports 

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