Environmental monitoring

ABB's Facility Automation Solution (FAS) provides preconfigured environmental monitoring (zone monitoring) modules and reports which integrate information from various sources to fulfill operational and compliance reporting needs.

Included as standard are end of shift, end of day, end of week and end of batch reports. These reports contain process and alarm data from the manufacturing environment, for example from air handling units (AHU), and include zone temperature, humidity, pressure, mean kinetic temperature etc.

The reports can be in various formats and can be stored in the system with associated archiving and digital signature functions. Reports include:

  • Overall report — all alarms, events, audit trail for a specified area – GMP, non-GMP, utilities etc.
  • Exception report — all critical alarms and events for specified area and trend information for defined AHUs and zones
  • AHU trend report — trend data for one AHU
  • Production suite report — trend, alarm and events and audit trail report for each zone or entire production suite including temperature, pressure, humidity, particle count, number of excursions, excursion time etc.

Intuitive graphical displays based on the building layout show clean area and zone status as well as alarm information.

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