La nouvelle vidéo passionnante sur les contacteurs AF est maintenant disponible!

2015-04-27 - Let’s discover the benefits that ABB AF contactors can offer to customers and how it can keep the mountains’ slopes snow covered.

Winter conditions impose severe demands on snowmaking machines, in the form of high humidity, low temperatures and constant vibration. In addition, the extreme length of cables may cause voltage fluctuations. At these conditions conventional contactors could damage or weld, while ABB AF contactors offer a reliable solution and can operate in extreme environments.

You can also read the detailed success story from our ABB customer DemacLenko.

ABB is pushing the boundaries for motor control and power switching. With the electronically controlled coil, ABB‘s AF contactors establishes a new industry benchmark. It offers multiple benefits over conventional alternatives: 

    Access global support
    AF contactors are compatible with all major national and international standards. Service and support are available worldwide.

    Optimize-logistics Optimize logistics
    Featuring both AC and DC support in the same product, the total number of product variants compared to a conventional range is reduced by up to 90%. 

    simplify-design Simplify design
    AF contactor’s width has been reduced by up to 30% thanks to an 80% reduction of the coil’s energy consumption. Altogether, panel can be built smaller.

    secure-uptime Secure uptime
    With the wide control voltage range, AF contactor can handle voltage fluctuations. Voltage sags, dips and surges pose no threat.

We cannot control the elements but we promise….. to keep the fun going.

You can find the video both on ABB TV - and YouTube - .


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