New Hard Bus Retrofill Retrofitting kit for Terasaki AT with ABB New Emax Air Circuit Breaker

ABB announces the availability of the new Hard Bus Retrofill Retrofitting kit.

Customers can easily replace their air circuit breakers Terasaki AT Series with the more modern ABB New Emax series and therefore upgrade their installed base. 

The new Retrofill adapting kit has been designed by ABB to minimize both the out of service and the installation time. 

Versions available for Terasaki AT air circuit breaker are:

  • 1250A, 1600A and 2500A
  • 3 poles only
  • Horizontal or Vertical rear terminals

 The kit includes the fixed part of the New Emax circuit breaker equipped with dedicated plates to replicate the fixing holes of Terasaki circuit breaker.

ABB ensures an easy installation as no other drilling is required.

Ordering codes for ABB HARD bUS Retrofill retrofitting kits are as below:

Ordering code
Terasaki aT
 New Emax (1) 
 1SDA079990R1  AT 1250A 3p HR  E2N 3p W HR
 1SDA079991R1  AT 1250A 3p VR  E2N 3p W VR
 1SDA079992R1  AT 1600A 3p HR  E2N 3p W HR
 1SDA079993R1  AT 1600A 3p VR  E2N 3p W VR
 1SDA079994R1  AT 2500A 3p HR  E3N 3p W HR
 1SDA079995R1  AT 2500A 3p VR  E3N 3p W VR

(1) Fixed Part included

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