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Complete ABB solution for one of Brisbane’s newest iconic building

2015-06-08 - ABB’s i-bus KNX system adds intelligence and energy efficiency in line with building occupant's high tech environment.

The fastest growing city in Australia, Brisbane, is not only known for hosting the 2014 G20 summit but also for its premium office space. One of its newest office buildings takes advantage of ABB technology – literally from top to bottom – starting with lighting control and light switches to the switch board and power distribution.

The building, located at 757 Ann Street, was developed by Office Parks and Development (OPD) who specializes in designing modern and efficient buildings in South East Queensland. One of its anchor tenants also happens to be ABB’s Product Group Enterprise Software business, formerly known as Ventyx. 

Modern, high tech environment

"At ABB Enterprise Software, we are at the leading edge of software development related to Enterprise Asset Management and IT/OT innovation both locally and globally," says Roland Vitelli, ABB's Local Division Manager for Power Systems in Australia. "That’s why we have set up our base in a modern, high tech environment. Having the ABB i-bus KNX system providing energy efficiency and intelligence to our lighting systems not only fits our image but gives us reliability and cost efficiency. We constantly have significant global and local customers visit our offices. A key goal in moving to our new location was to continue to portray a professional and reliable image. I am really happy to say we have achieved this.”

Intelligence and energy efficiency

To accommodate the need of the building’s tenants, who are spread over six floors, ABB’s i-bus KNX system adds intelligence and energy efficiency to the lighting. Set up with 20 different zones for different space requirements, ABB’s i-bus KNX system can achieve up to 60% energy savings ensuring optimal lighting conditions with light sensors, switches and motion detectors. The building’s owner, OPD, is so impressed with the system and its benefits that they are now looking into adding audio as well as heating and cooling controls and with ABB’s i-bus KNX system, all the wiring is already in place making it easy to add-on other building controls.

Flexible for future modifications

“ABB’s i-bus KNX system allows end users to add to the system over time, which is not the case with other systems where you have to replace items to modify,” says Jeff Philips, from DT Controls, the system integrator for the KNX system.

Distribution, optimizing and monitoring power

In the basement, the two System pro E power and 17 System pro E energy enclosures are equipped with ABB’s Emax 2, the first air circuit breaker that also acts as a power manager. With the Emax 2, the building’s power loads are prioritized and the utility’s maximum demand is automatically managed helping avoid any penalties from the utility company.

Also installed are:
  • MCB’s and RCBOs – installed in the distribution boards on each floor.
  • System pro E (formerly known as ArTu enclosures) that can be customized for the panel builders needs and to fit the building’s switch room specifications.
  • ABB energy meters that enable branch monitoring of energy use and allows the building owner to allocate electricity consumption to the different tenants.
  • Stanilite emergency lighting – recessed Spitfire® emergency lighting and LED Exit Lighting.

KNX is the worldwide standard for Home and Building Control with more than 40,000 KNX certified contractors and system integrators in 125 countries.
Designed by leading architects with a 5 Star Green office design, the office building at 757 Ann Street offers businesses a premium address with high tech building automation.

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