Providing an environment that caters to patient well-being and comfort and running general medical services, places unique demands on energy usage for hospitals and healthcare facilities. 

As much as 30% of the energy consumed in hospitals is used unnecessarily. Considering energy is approximately 50% of a health care facility manager's budget, hospitals can dramatically reduce their operating costs by using energy more efficiently.
(source: EPA)

ABB Cylon product range offers flexibility in strategy changes and maximized control utilization ideally suited to the changing demands of healthcare facilities. Our Energy Management tool ensures control of energy usage and delivers alerts and alarms to the facility management team when anomalies are detected, allowing facility teams to provide consistency of service while managing energy usage and costs.
As sophisticated needs and extended uptime lead to high energy consumption of most hospitals and clinics, the healthcare sector offers an unparalleled opportunity for facility managers to optimize and increase energy savings.
Ranking 2nd behind the food-service sector, the healthcare industry exceeds typical per-building energy costs of similar building sizes by nearly a factor of 10, with an energy intensity of approximately 250 kBTU or 74 kWh per square foot, nearly three times that of a typical office building.

Whether you are targeting upgrades in an existing system or working to deliver a system-wide solution, ABB Cylon offers the services and products required to meet both the HVAC and energy saving needs of today's healthcare facilities.

Solution features

Critical environment BMS

Managing A BMS efficiently could yield savings of up to 20% in energy usage while still maintaining patient comfort.

Providing an environment that caters to patient well-being and comfort while running general medical services, places unique demands on energy usage for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Multiple and varying departments from surgical, maternity, research, outpatients, to mention a few, across a hospital campus and the subsequent varying BMS needs of each department requires the installation of the most flexible BMS available on the market.

ABB Cylon’s product range offers flexibility in strategy changes and maximized control utilization ideally suited to the changing demands of healthcare facilities.

The ABB Cylon solution enables hospital staff to schedule room occupancy times in advance, maintaining room temperature at a level that is beneficial to a patient's health. If the room is not being used the system can be easily programmed to switch off. Saving on energy and costs whilst guaranteeing the highest level of patient comfort and a healthy recovery environment.


Monitoring and maintenance

Real-time monitoring

The ABB Cylon BMS monitors system faults across all zones from a central point, which means maintenance is faster and more responsive. Alerts and alarms are delivered instantly via email, SMS, or PushOver services and accessible on any web-enabled device, enabling quick and efficient essential maintenance.

Technical services managers can monitor all the integrated systems without having to visit various plants or zones.

The ABB Cylon BMS notifies facility teams of problems before occupants are even aware of them. For example, as soon as the temperature is higher or lower than the optimum level specified an alarm at the PC alerts the facility teams. This means that the problem can be rectified before staff or patient comfort is affected.

Air differential pressure switches monitor the condition of filters in air-handling units. When a large differential between incoming and outgoing airflow is detected this indicates that the filter is dirty and needs changing. This reduces the need for routine maintenance checks and ensures that the filters are not allowed to clog up, helping to maintain air quality and reduce energy fan consumption.

Energy monitoring

Active Energy shows you how, where and when you are consuming energy.

ABB Cylon Active Energy issues alarms via email and push notification services when it detects anomalies in expected consumption, putting you in control.

  • Alarms can be viewed via the map-based interface, particularly useful for a quick overview of multiple buildings in multiple locations.

  • View actual normalized energy usage against patterns of expected consumption and identify the drivers of your energy consumption to produce information you can act on that will help deliver energy savings.

  • Active Energy fully customized reporting feature allows you to generate instant or scheduled reports on energy consumption, costs, carbon emissions, performance versus targets, as well as department costs reports.

  • There are no limits to the number of information points or geographical locations that can be connected to the system which makes it an ideal central energy monitoring and management tool.

Centralized supervision

ASPECT centralized supervision and control enhances operational efficiency proving 24/7 web-enabled access to your BMS. Facility management can view and modify information including trends, setpoints, schedules, and more from any web-enabled device anywhere, any time.

Reliability & Quality

Quality environmental monitoring in storage settings must be a top priority for hospitals and healthcare providers, everything from medicine and tissue samples to donated blood and food needs to be kept at specific temperature and humidity levels, and a failure to properly monitor storage conditions might cause serious harm to a patient.

ABB Cylon’s range of controllers are BTL listed and adhere to the highest BMS industry standards.

We pride ourselves on our high levels of quality and health & safety for the benefit of our partners, suppliers, and employees.


ASPECT HTML5 User Interface can be configured to use SSL encryption, giving a secure HTTPS browser connection, and avoiding the security warning messages that are now common in major browsers. ASPECT authenticates users with Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP.

ASPECT Audit trail has a “disposition” property associated with every event so that a user-generated log message can be stored to explain why an event occurred, change of Value (CoV) custom trending allows points to be logged more frequently when required, and to record alarm occurrences. Both enhancements can assist in building a system that complies with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

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