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Heating and air conditioning alone can account for 60% to 80% of a hotel’s total energy costs and present an opportunity for potential cost saving through effective smart control, monitoring, and analysis. 

Hotel facility management strives to strike the balance between delivering against customers' high expectations and demands for optimal comfort and control while adhering to legislative and regulatory compliance requirements and managing energy costs.

Hotels have an array of calls on energy usage from a diverse range of functions, guest bedrooms, lobbies, corridors, restaurants, function and conference rooms, laundry, parking, and outside spaces.

Key benefits

  • Improve occupancy comfort.
  • 24/7 alerts and notification of equipment faults and energy consumption anomalies.
  • Enhanced maintenance efficiency.
  • Monitor and manage energy consumption.
  • Adjust set points and control plants from any web-enabled device.
  • Centralized hotel group control and monitoring.
  • Improve brand value as being an energy-efficient ‘green hotel’.

Solution overview

Solution features

ABB Cylon delivers scalable, front-end building management solutions, open protocol building controls, and cloud-based energy analytic tools to meet the need of today's high-performance, green-conscious hotel and leisure facilities. ABB Cylon can help you integrate smart building solutions into the planning of new facilities, retrofitting to an existing building, or upgrading current systems in a way that optimizes return on investment. 

Temperature control

Turning the thermostat down by just 1°C can cut as much as 10% off heating bills for that room while being almost imperceptible by returning guests.

Room temperature is the number one most frequently cited complaint amongst hotel guests. Ensuring guest comfort and negating complaints with pre-emptive measures is a key challenge for many hoteliers and staff.

With key card power switches, guests can easily leave one card in the switch to ensure that the air condition or heating remains on while they are out of the room. Research indicates that guests spend between 3 and 4 hours in a room while not sleeping, meaning air conditioning could potentially be left running in an unoccupied room for 8-10 hours.

ABB Cylon’s room sensors connected to intelligent HVAC controls can override this and turn down the air conditioning when it detects zero occupancy and ramp back up to the previous setting when an occupant is detected.

Lighting control

Guest room lights can be inadvertently left on by guests upon leaving a room. With smart room controls, lights can be automatically switched off when zero occupancy is detected and reactivated when a guest returns.

Function room lights can be left on after housekeeping or customer viewings by conferencing teams, with the installation of ABB Cylon smart lighting solution lights can be switched off automatically when zero occupancy is detected or remotely from any web-enabled device via ASPECT®.

Hotel group control

ABB Cylon BMS integrates seamlessly across IT networks, between buildings, and between remote sites, making it ideal for group control of hotel building energy management.

ABB Cylon BMS is flexible and scalable with integrated web support, building control and management information are easily accessed and adjusted from standard web browsers.

There is no limit to the number of information points or geographical locations that can be connected to Active Energy making it the ideal tool for central monitoring and management of energy consumption for hotel groups.

Future proof your investment
The ABB Cylon solution provides ease of upgrades and the extension of BMS through the gradual replacement of older, outdated, and ineffective BMS systems delivering a more flexible, energy-efficient, and cost-effective solution.

Solution benefits

Customer benefits

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