ABB i-bus® KNX Standard Switch Actuators

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Universal switching in any application – The next generation of Standard Switch Actuators are perfectly suited for universal use in modern commercial buildings. These 12 devices are ideal for use in modern commercial buildings and offer simple installation, tool-free assembly and disassembly, together with cost and time savings during commission, thanks to a user-friendly interface.

Thanks to the wide range of devices with a high number of outputs and switching currents, the Standard Switch Actuators provide the perfect fit for all common standard switching applications, delivering further savings on costs and space in the distribution board.

Full integration into the ABB i-bus® tool now available


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Main benefits


Complete portfolio - Wide choice of number of outputs and different currents​ and universal switching in any application​


Cost and time savings during commissioning thanks its user-friendly interface and template pages with central group objects​

Complete portfolio

Wide choice of number of outputs and different currents​ plus space saving by using the right fit that suits your needs​

Main features

  • User-friendly UI through the representation of parameters in tabular form*
  • Load shedding function to integrate the devices into an energy / load control system*
  • Extended logic and optimized threshold function for a better comprehensibility and traceability*
  • Easy installation thanks to combi screw-head terminals
  • Tool-free assembly and disassembly from DIN-rail
  • Unified housing – one simplified user interface
  • Easy status identification without bus voltage
  • Simplified commissioning thanks to template pages and central functions for all outputs
  • Easier and faster device configuration of several devices thanks to the ETS App Update Copy Convert
  • Now integratable into the ABB i-bus® Tool

* Available from ETS application version 1.1 

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