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Door Entry Communication

ABB-Welcome IP door communication based on smartIP provides you a high sophisticated system with HD video communication from outdoor to indoor and indoor to indoor. Distance is now only a matter of IP connectivity, what makes planning and commissioning the simplest matter. And the users will be happy due to an unique and intuitive user interface in all devices. The well-known remote access of the main functionality is ensured by the MyBuildings portal powered by ABB AbilityTM.

Access Control

ABB-AccessControl comes along with maximum encryption transmission to ensure all cyber security demands. It can be planned as stand alone solution or can be easily part of a bigger Building system due to smartIP connectivity. ABB-AccessControl as professional solution supports remote access and management possibilities what makes people life easier, thus for operators and end-users. The MyBuildings portal  powered by ABB AbilityTM provides the right and secure remote service.

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