Type LNP

Nylon Locknuts

  • Polyamide (Nylon) 66
  • Metric and PG threads available

Typical applications

  • Designed to help maintain system integrity
Parts list
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Type LNP (Metric)

Part No (Black) GID Codes (Black) Part No (Grey) GID Codes (Grey) Thread Size Pack Qty
LNPB/M12 7TCA296000R1854 LNPG/M12 M12 10
LNPB/M16 7TCA296000R1855 LNPG/M16 7TCA296000R1861 M16 10
LNPB/M20 7TCA296000R1856 LNPG/M20 7TCA296000R1862 M20 10
LNPB/M25 7TCA296000R1857 LNPG/M25 7TCA296000R1863 M25 10
LNPB/M32 7TCA296000R1858 LNPG/M32 7TCA296000R1864 M32 10
LNPB/M40 7TCA296000R1859 LNPG/M40 7TCA296000R1865 M40 10
LNPB/M50 7TCA296000R1860 LNPG/M50 7TCA296220R0535 M50 10
LNPB/M63 7TCA296050R0329 LNPG/M63 M63 10

Type LNP (PG)

Part No (Black) GID Codes (Black) Part No (Grey) GID Codes (Grey) Thread Size Pack Qty
LNPB/PG7 7TCA296050R0338 LNPG/PG7 PG7 10
LNPB/PG9 7TCA296050R0339 LNPG/PG9 PG9 10
LNPB/PG11 7TCA296050R0328 LNPG/PG11 7TCA296050R0341 PG11 10
LNPB/PG13 7TCA296050R0329 LNPG/PG13 7TCA296050R0342 PG13.5 10
LNPB/PG16 7TCA296050R0330 LNPG/PG16 7TCA296050R0343 PG16 10
LNPB/PG21 7TCA296050R0331 LNPG/PG21 PG21 10
LNPB/PG29 7TCA296050R0332 LNPG/PG29 PG29 10
LNPB/PG36 7TCA296050R0333 LNPG/PG36 PG36 10

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