Kopex Professional Pipe Cutting Tools

Why Kopex® Pipe Tools are the best for cutting copper pipe

The labour-saving Kopex professional Pipe Tools require just a few twists of the wrist to prepare or cut copper pipe. Their clever, compact and robust design makes Pipeslice® and Pipe-prep™ suitable for use in the tightest spaces.


Pipeslice® is the genuine pipe cutting tool. It is a single handed plumbers tool that makes copper pipe cutting easy, with just a few simple twists of the wrist. Renowned for it's technical innovation, the practical design allows single handed operation with automatic adjusting and locking-on for ease of use.


Pipe-Prep™ is a combination tool that cleans and deburrs copper pipe ends. Flattening and smoothing, rather than grinding and cutting off burrs, the tool maintains the integrity of the material and produces the right shape for subsequent joining. Pipe-Prep™ removes oxidisation, a common cause of pipe joint failures, making it easier and quicker to achieve sound and reliable pipe connections.

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