Food & beverage cable protection solutions

Flexibility and cleanability for the food and beverage industry

ABB's PMA conduit protects vital cables against mechanical and other environmental factors – an especially critical function in sectors with strict requirements on hygiene and cleanliness.
 ABB developed the JFBD nylon conduit to feature a corrugated design especially for the food and beverage industry, the result of intensive effort by ABB’s dedicated research & development team.

To meet ever more stringent demands for rapid and effective washdown, the new JFBD conduit, incorporates for the first time an overextruded non-porous smooth jacket, delivering further enhanced cleanability alongside unrivalled resistance to aggressive chemicals to ECOLAB standards.

The IP69-rated PMA cable protection range for the food and beverage industry  offers a choice of two high specification fittings. The JKNH nylon fitting is made from FDA-compliant material, and offers both excellent chemical resistance and quick installation, without the need for tools. The JENQ single-piece fitting is made from 316L stainless steel and is ideally suited to areas with the highest hygienic demands.

The JFBD conduit, with either the JENQ stainless steel or JKNH nylon fitting, offers a truly flexible and cost-effective solution for the food and beverage industry, backed by the unrivalled sector experience of ABB.

Your key benefits:
- IP69 rating according to EN60529
- UL Recognition according to UL1696
- NSF169 and NSF14159-1 certification
- High resistance to cleaning agents and chemicals
- Time savings, thanks to easy cleaning
- Outstanding flexibility combined with tight bending radii
- Efficient, space-saving assembly

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