PMA® EcoGuard™ RPPA Conduit

Highly flexible conduit, made from 50% recycle based polyamide 6, ideal for machine building, installation and construction industries. Made from 50% recycle based polyamide 6, providing 30% savings in CO2e emissions and 50% reduction in use of Net Fresh Water use*

Material + 

  • Made from 50% recycle based polyamide 6
  • Very good flexibility
  • Temperature range –40°C ... +105°C continuous, +160°C short-term
  • Good UV resistance and weathering characteristics
  • Free from halogens and cadmium
  • RoHS and REACH compliant
  • ABB EcoSolutionsTM certified

Compatible with:

  •  PMA EcoGuard, PMAFIX, PMA Smart Line fittings
  • PMA EcoGuard clips
  • PMAGRIP flange
  • PMA accessories 


* Relative to the use of conventional raw materials, based on third-party verified Lifecycle Assessment (Type III, externally verified)

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