PMA (DO) test procedures

PMA has more than 15 test procedures (PMA DO) that enables us to perform cable protection-related, application-specific material and product tests.

Customers’ application-specific needs are a top priority at PMA. That’s why the company, as a leading manufacturer of cable protection products, voluntarily defined various supplementary in-house test procedures, which are consistently used to test PMA products to uniform criteria. This helps us safeguard the high quality and safety of PMA cable protection solutions and supply our customers with the best, most reliable products. It gives our customer the confidence that our products perform without failure or problems and meet their expectations.

The PMA test procedures apply not only to the general product properties usual for overarching standards but also to specific applications, such as impact resistance in low-temperature rail applications, ingress protection in dynamic outdoor applications or abrasion resistance in automation applications. PMA test procedures are primarily used in areas where the market has yet to define overarching binding standards for specific applications. Many of our bespoke test procedures are geared to existing overarching standards wherever possible, and often correspond to other international standards in terms of structure, procedure and results assessment.

Scope of a PMA test procedures

  • Detailed description of the content of testing
  • Definition of samples in terms of material and quantity, distinction from other products
  • Definition of the test environment, e.g. climate conditions and temperature
  • Definition of devices and apparatus used in testing
  • Precise definition of each relevant test parameter, such as mass, temperature, time or drop height
  • Exact step-by step definition of the test procedure
  • Parameters for assessing the test result, such as the onset of mechanical losses, changes in the material, number of cycles, etc.
  • List of contiguous overarching standards such as UL or IEC

For more information on the PMA test procedures (DO), please contact your PMA supplier.

Tests according to PMA (DO) test procedures

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