AC500-S safety PLC and ABB safety products

From simple to complex applications

AC500-S is the integrated safety PLC (SIL3, PL e/Cat 4) for safety applications in factory, machinery or process automation area with PROFINET/PROFIsafe communication to ABB robots, ABB drives and various 3rd party devices.

AC500-S safety PLC has extreme condition variants for extended temperature range (-40 to +70 °C including freezing point), vibrations, shock, etc.

Together with the ABB machine safety sensors AC500-S makes a well proven combination for total safety solutions from ABB.


Safety and protection 

Safe solutions

  • Reaches the highest level of safety (up to PL e/Cat 4).
  • Verified and reliable safety solutions.
  • Extensive fault detection.
  • Several different types of safety sensors and devices available to suit all safety needs.


Cost effective solution 

Flexibility in installation 

  • Ability to do your safety sensor wiring on safety I/O terminal units even without safety I/O modules, which allows outsourcing wiring jobs and save your engineering costs.
  • Time savings on safety loop calculations due to common data base in ABB FSDT (Functional Safety Design Tool).


Easy to install 

Developed with installation in mind 

  • Easy connection with M12 connectors.
  • A wide range of adapters and connectors to simplify wiring.
  • Minimum amount of cabling simplifies installation.

F-Device and F-Host

AC500-S CPU can simultaneously act as both PROFINET/PROFIsafe F-Device and PROFINET/PROFIsafe F-Host. 


AC500 and safety products

In order to supervise ABB safety sensors using AC500 the following units are required:
• AC500-S safety CPU (SM560-series)
• AC500 CPU (since AC500-S is not a stand-alone PLC)
• AC500-S safety I/O modules (to connect the safety devices)

Compatible sensor interface protocols

Dry contacts (potential free/zero volt)

AC500-S supports all ABB Electrification safety sensors with dry contacts.


AC500-S supports all ABB Electrification safety sensors with OSSD interface.

Compatible safety products from ABB Electrification

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