OTDC 100…250A (IEC and UL)

Simply optimal

OTDC switch-disconnectors S-Series provide robust and reliable switching and isolation in a wide variety of applications. Their efficient design makes your operations smoother and more sustainable.

The S-series include:
- S1.0-Series 100...250 Amperes: Compact and reliable solution for 1000Vdc DC-21B applications.
- S2.0-Series 100...250 Amperes (New): Compact, high efficiency DC switch for 1500 Vdc DC-21B/DC-PV2 applications, specific variants for 10kA short-circuit applications and -ESS variants tested with fuses for higher short-circuit applications up to 40kA.

High performance
The unique 2-pole switch design has been optimized to break mid-currents up to 1500Vdc easily and reliably, across the complete lifespan of the installation. OTDC switch-disconnectors have been certified according to all main international standards and can be used in demanding conditions.

Speed up your projects
 With OTDC switch-disconnectors, you have the flexibility to design the best installation and equipment, while decreasing labor time.

Efficient design
OTDC switch-disconnectors have been designed with sustainability in mind when it comes to operation, transportation, and installation. As a result, OTDC has a compact design, high energy efficiency and fast installation. The new optimized bulk package (new S2.0 series) decreases waste without compromising the quality of the product during transportation.

ecolabel_500x500px-min_250xPart of the ABB EcoSolutions™ portfolio
The ABB EcoSolutions™ program provides full transparency to environmental impacts across the entire product lifecycle. Products within the portfolio comply with a set of key performance indicators defined in ABB’s circularity framework and carry an external, third-party verified environmental product declaration (ISO 14025). Click HERE to know more about ABB EcoSolutions.

Please ask your ABB contact to provide the correct environmental information for your specific product. 

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