ABB Low voltage motor control center with UMC

Intelligent MCC across the board

ABB  Low voltage motor control center  with UMC  provide solutions for intelligent switchgear systems across a broad spectrum. Integrated smoothly to NeoGear and MNS platform, the motor control center uses standalone protection and control relays engineered into the switchgear modules, in lieu of traditional overcurrent protection devices.

By offering a range of benefits to both end users and systems designers, these systems have established themselves in the market. 

ABB Low voltage MCC’s with UMC offers a range of protection and control functions; flexibility; enhanced measurement; and the application of industry standard communications for control system integration.

Main benefits of MCC with UMC

  • Unmatched safety for protection of personnel and plant
  • Scalability and high functionality
  • Improved plant availability
  • Integrated communications
  • Open communication
  • Rapid fault detection and rectification
  • Easy integrate and access to digital service

Main features of UMC device

  • With different choices and combinations of the scalable device in the - starter module, the motor starter provides various motor control, protection, monitoring or communication features.
  • The flexible configuration tool offers the possibility to create the applications with customized control logic. 
  • Through various types of fieldbus plug, the intelligent starters communicate with control system and smoothly integrated to ABB Ability™ digital platform CMES;
  • One basic motor protection unit with optional voltage unit, extension I/O units and earth fault protection unit.  The motor management device is scalable to suit a range of applications.

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