System pro E power Top Busbar System

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System pro E power is the innovative ABB’s main distribution switchboard solution with rated current up to 6300A and short-circuit current up to 120kA. Designed to easily fulfill all electrical installation requirements in terms of protection degree, segregation form and electrical characteristics, according to the latest international standards and in perfect synergy with all ABB’s low voltage equipment.



Reliable in extreme conditions 

Thanks to the tests performed on the product, the enclosures can stand a rated short-time withstand current (Icw) up to 120 kA and a Maximum rated current up to 6300A. The solution is also provided of an ant seismic certification, thanks to a shock level test up to 0.75 g performed with the installation of specific accessories.The safety is also guaranteed by the complete range of segregation forms up to 4b and by the blind tops arc fault resistant (composed by two flaps that, in case of internal arc fault, allow its outburst upward, protecting an operator that could be present in front of the  switchboard).

Longer lifetime


Speed up your projects 

It is possible to save valuable time (up to 5% of the total time) by choosing the incoming column with DOC software, where a list of preconfigured incomer columns is already uploaded.Additional time can be saved thanks to the breaker kit package that with one single code provides all the components for a breaker kit installation (panel, plate, supports and screws); the pre-assembled DIN rail kit allows to save up to 70% on the time in case of System pro M components installation.


Space saving

A wide variety of dimensions are available to meet all customer requests: 2 heights, 5 depths and 6 widths. Furthermore, amperage from 2500A to 6300A can be reached in the minimum widths listed below: Up to 2500A (3P) installable in W=400mm Up to 4000A (3P) installable in W=600mm Up to 4000A (4P) installable in W=800mm Up to 6300A (4P) installable in W=1000/1250mm For example, further space (up to 38%) can be saved by mounting two air circuit breakers in one column In 2500A, width 400mm (E2.2 F/W 3P), thanks to the dedicated components.



The system comprehends main distribution busbars installable at every height and it’s worldwide available

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