Smart Switchgear for building and infrastructure

How to create a Smart Switchgear ready for intelligent distribution and cloud connection

As one of the highest growing segments, commercial buildings require a very high level of energy efficiency and reliability. ABB smart switchgear is designed to satisfy the most challenging tasks of todays building sector.

We want to show how to improve the control of energy and loads and monitor low voltage feeders, installations and plants through ABB solutions.

We want also prove, share and highlight the convenience, usefulness and ease of use of ABB smart technologies and components when designing a switchgear with System pro E power main distribution switchboards, low voltage circuit-breakers Emax 2 and Tmax XT, including the intelligence from ABB AbilityTM EDCS.

In the "Files download" section hereunder you find all the information and project files to be used as starting point to set up real projects.

The package includes a guidance about how to set up and assemble both communication and mechanical hardware to create a low voltage switchgear. Configuration responds to the following general description:

- generic configuration with two “hot” incomers and a bus coupler;
- two outgoing columns with In 1600A, Icw 50ka, IP30nand 3b Form of separation for each side of the switchgear;
- Modbus TCP communication protocol;
- open transition Automatic Transfer Switch logic is implemented based on ATS022 switch between incoming and coupling air circuit-breakers;
- each column is considered as an independent unit ready for extension (including all mechanical/electrical and communication parts);
- unit's communication compartment has adequate auxiliary components for independent installation: power supply, Ethernet switch, protection devices and communication cartridge (if needed);
- all the circuit-breakers are equipped with Ekip Hi-Touch trip unit.

Key Values

Type tested

High accuracy and easy retrofitting of old devices to make them Smart. Installation from remote: out of the room operations

Simple design and wiring

Fast installation and prepacked kits to repeat the same design. Simplified wiring

Speed up your projects

Less components and lean topology thanks to embedded functionalities and upgrade through ABB Marketplace

Cloud connection

Immediate monitoring of a single switchgear or of the whole electrical plant. Consumptions statistics
and energy quality check

Files download

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