Smart Upgrade and Update

Flexible and sustainable solutions to renew any low voltage distribution system

In recent decades there has been a rapid and clear technological and regulatory evolution of electrical installations towards more efficient and safer systems.

If we consider that the lifecycle of a switchgear is around 40 years but the technologies are changing much faster (every 3-5 years or less), it becomes necessary to keep the electrical installation updated.

ABB products and solutions are designed in such a way that it is possible to upgrade the installation instead of changing it, thus contributing to circular economy and sustainability.

The main reasons to update your plant are:
• Keep the system active and functioning maximizing plant resiliency
• Maximize energy efficiency to satisfy the growing demand for energy
• Improve the performance and the safety of your plant introducing the new technologies in your electrical system.

ABB offers great flexibility of upgrading solutions, tailored to customer needs and suitable for ABB and not-ABB installations:
Light upgrade: solution to keep updated digitally enabled installation with modern switchgears. Upgrade the installation without any
impact and 0 downtime.
Medium Upgrade: a solution to digitally enable installation which doesn’t have digital features, but is still in good health conditions. It
allows digitization thanks to the smallest possible intervention on electrical installation and minimum or no downtime.
High upgrade: it is intended to renew the electromechanical part of the appliance with the latest generation technologies. These
upgrading solutions consist of retrofitting kits easy and fast to install and suitable also for old switchgears.

Our solutions allow you to maximize the efficiency of your low-voltage distribution system, ensuring up to 70% cost saving (compared to traditional system replacement) and certified upgrading solutions for the global market.

Key Values


Maximum flexibility to choose the most suitable solution for your low-voltage distribution system

Speed up your project

Up to 70% cost saving to upgrade your electrical installation, if compared to traditional replacement

Safety and protection

ABB and 3rd party equipment can be easily upgraded, with solutions certified for the global market


Extend the lifespan of your electrical system, keeping it live and efficient as long as possible, minimizing CO2 emissions and raw materials usage

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