Smart Switchgear

Let's go digital. Choose the most suitable pre-designed switchgear solution to save time and maximize reliability

Electrical distribution digitalization is aimed to answer rising demand for energy efficiency and continuity of service for electrical installation.

The key aspect in realizing an intelligent distribution system is to have smart switchgears that can be easily monitored and managed from remote in order to answer market demand for reliability and efficiency.

ABB intelligent distribution solutions are aimed to answer requirements from any segment and application.

Choose the smart switchgear design package that best fits your needs and helps you in designing, building, installing and operating the electrical installation.

Key Values


Simple to realize offering up to 66% less cables and up to 10% less connectivity components

Energy efficiency

Sustainable, offering from 7% up to 20% energy efficiency improvements

Service continuity

Reliable and simple to service, offering up to 36% less maintenance cost

Future proof

Offering upgrade and update solutions with zero downtime

Your business

Panel builders

ABB smart distribution components are designed to be easily integrated into traditional switchgears, with no additional time and effort needed. Furthermore, ABB provides detailed design of smart switchgear in order to minimize the time needed for the realization and maximize the reliability.


Designing and implementing intelligent distribution can be a demanding task. ABB offers pre-designed, flexible and Standard compliant solutions fitting any installation. With ABB smart switchgear you will answer the most demanding tasks of today and be ready for future improvements.

System integrators

ABB electrical distribution switchgear is designed to be fully compatible with all parts of the electrical and non electrical installation. In this way ABB solutions are offering seamless integration allowing full visibility of the electrical part of the facility.

End users

ABB smart switchgear offers cutting edge technology, easy to be implemented and used, allowing immediate investment and operational savings as well as easy and simple future improvements.

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