Power meters M1M 15, M1M 20 and M1M 30

Measurement, made simple

Discover the new ABB multimeter and power meters ranges M1M 15, 20 and 30, an easy solution for any standard application in buildings and industry, offering exactly what is needed to monitor the electrical system and analyze the power quality in a single device.

The new M1M power meters offer allows to easily and cost-effectively cover the main submetering and power quality monitoring requirements in commercial and industrial buildings, either small or mid/large-sized, e.g. inside power factor correction boards, motor control center or sub-distribution switchboards.

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Product range

M1M 15

M1M 15 is a complete multifunction meter for electrical system monitoring, mainly targeting measurement of basic electrical parameters and applications for cost allocation of energy consumptions.

M1M 20

M1M 20 is a power meter including THD and import/export (4 quadrants) measurement for basic power quality analysis applications such as power factor management and local energy generation monitoring.

M1M 30

M1M 30 is a power meter providing complete features in terms of power quality analysis such as measurement up to 40th harmonic and internal memory for datalogging, allowing to target e.g. demand management applications.

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