Microgrid solutions for Campuses and Institutions

Architectures, solutions and products

Visit the contents hereunder to see a reference about how ABB architectures, solution blocks and advanced products can be used to support the design and implementation of a Microgrid for e.g. campuses, universities, schools, fire stations and police stations.

•  Energy efficiency

Monitor power flows and assets ensuring data-based improvement actions for energy saving and condition alerting in «green standard» approved energy cloud platforms.

•  Peak shaving to save up to 20% in the bill
•  Preditctive maintenance to reduce 33% of opex costs


•  Continuous operation

Island in case of fault on the distribution grid and keep 100% of critical power running.

•  Certified interface protections with the grid
•  Adaptive protections with full selectivity
•  Fast load shedding based on power & frequency measures
•  Transfer switching to backup gensets
•  UPS for servers full time supplied
•  BESS as virtual generator in island-mode with advanced power conversion system

For more informations contact: @Smart Power Microgrids Solutions

Solution blocks


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