Microgrid solutions for Marine AC applications

Architectures, solutions and products

Visit the contents hereunder to see a reference about how ABB architectures, solution blocks and advanced products can be used to support the design and implementation of a Microgrid for e.g. light vessels, cruises, fishing ships, ferries or defense stationary basis

•  Energy supervision

Direct connectivity to marine scada for energy, environmental and asset status information.

•  Temperature, vibration, humidity sensing
•  Predictive maintenance data with reliability curves, also through APIs


•  Service continuity

Coordination among protection devices granted off-shore and during ship2grid connection.

•  Digital zone-selectivity logics to enable close ring design and dynamic positioning with until 3,5% fuel saved
•  Adaptive protection settings for loads/generators
•  Quick upgrade of installed base, ABB or not
•  Power conversion DC/AC unified with UPS features and ATS functions

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Solution blocks


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