Lowering fuel and energy consumption on existing fleets

With IMO 2020 regulations restricting the use of marine heavy fuels, shipowners and operators can expect increased fuel costs. ABB can help lower the fuel consumption on board, bringing substantial annual savings.

ABB's energy efficiency and performance monitoring portfolio includes systems which allow the vessel owners and operators to lower the fuel and energy consumption on board their vessels, with minimal effort gaining maximum value.

For example with the ABB ARKM20 Chiller Optimization solution, passenger vessel energy consumption on heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) system can be optimized to achieve up to 20% energy savings.

Another way to add savings is installing Variable Frequency Drives to manage the energy usage on cooling systems, for example a 10% reduction of pump speed can save 27% of the energy cost related to the pump. ABB’s VFD solution typically has a 6-18 months payback time.



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