ABB Marine & Ports, Digitalization team is pleased to announce our first ever Hackathon, held during the autumn and winter of 2023 in Helsinki Finland.

We, at ABB Marine & Ports Digital Services organization, are excited to work in the field of marine digitalization, supporting our customers worldwide in their journey toward more digitalized marine operations. Our digitalization organization is global, situated in several places around the world: Europe, Asia, and Americas. Our organizations works relentlessly in the efforts to provide our customers world-class service, with the highest integrity and a clear focus on the business.

In today's world - sustainability is a driving force and accelerant for rapid change in the effort of saving fuel consumption, cutting emissions, and making a positive impact in the environment. For more information of our Digitalization services and solutions, please visit here:

Please see below the three challenges we are presenting and inviting you to take part in!

In this webpage you will also find practical information, timeline, and links to register yourself or your team! Once you have registered yourself or your team, and entered the first proposal to one of our challenges, we will be in contact with everyone with more details.

Teams who are selected to join the Hackathon-weekend, will be informed by November 8th, 2023.

WHAT: Hackathon for marine digitalization

ABB Marine & Ports

WHEN: 8th - 10th December, 2023

WHERE: ABB Marine House, Merenkulkijankatu 1, 00980 Helsinki, Finland

FOR WHO: IT, Programming, and Data science Students; Bachelor and Master students, all levels

PRIZES: Winner team prize 5000€

Additionally if any submitted proposal will be further developed, we will grant an additional prize to the team.

We will be able to give an internship for selected individuals for summer 2024 at ABB Marine & Ports Finland, as well as you might be able to continue developing your Hackathon-proposal further as a master's thesis work for us.


Challenge 1
Advanced ECO sailing indicator

Become a driver of green transformation in marine industry and help the crew and fleet to reduce the environmental footprint and achieve carbon neutrality. Design a solution to assist the crew in reducing the emission by indicating the vessel energy efficiency in real time. Let’s try to find a way to develop the new generation of vessel energy efficiency indicator to help meet and overperform standards.

Challenge 2
Data-Driven Models in the Prediction of Ship Performance

Take advantage of digitalization of marine industry, where transformation has paved the way for the entrance of a new trend toward data science. The aim of this topic is to discover the novel approaches in estimation of a ship performance focusing on data-driven models to provide better understanding of external factor impact like weather condition or ship resistance on total power requirements, fuel consumption and emissions.

Challenge 3
Marine Mastermind

The field of artificial intelligence holds significant potential for reshaping the quality of marine engineering services. Large language models, lauded for their almost human-equaling abilities in natural language comprehension and generation, are important participants in this revolution. Let’s help our engineers with the creation of AI-based crew members with the capability of searching information within a large marine document library.

Thank you for many great registrations!

We are reviewing every proposal carefully, and we will inform all teams if they were selected to join the hackathon-weekend and take their proposal forward. You will hear from us latest on Wednesday, November 8th, 2023.


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