People to the power of electric, digital and connected.

ABB Marine & Ports Service promises you a global competent organization bringing great value through its people.

The core of ABB Marine & Ports Service has always been people and the way we work together. We are a team of solution providers who help manage your vessels throughout their whole life cycle. It’s embedded in our culture to remove obstacles from your way no matter how far we need to go to do it. This is how our customers know us.

You are always just one phone call away from our technical team of engineers, who ensure that you are taken care of efficiently by providing high level support and assisting you with mission critical issues.

Today we are already more than this. We are electric. We are digital. And we are connected.

Thanks to the technology, we are onboard your vessel at all times through what we call ABB Ability™ Collaborative Operations Centers. They are hubs of engineers, knowledge and culture that will create solutions more efficiently and safely than ever before. Through them we connect to your vessel or fleet and monitor the health of your equipment from thousands of miles away, or just around the corner, maximizing the availability of the equipment and increasing the uptime of the vessel. By being proactive we also recommend preventive maintenance measures to ensure continuous uptime in the future.

Even though we are global, our services are local, and we are all over the world. Choosing us as your reliable service partner, you get the competence of the people to the power of electric, digital and connected.

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