VD4-AF1: Quantum leap in relentless, hassle-free transformer switching

Safe and reliable operation and protection of transformer thanks to controlled switching technology

ABB offers its new vacuum circuit breaker with servomotor actuation and controlled switching technology up to 38kV, 2500A, 31.5kA and up to 150,000 operations with extremely low inrush, to support your business needs in transformer switching.

Key benefits

  • Up to 5-to-10-times higher endurance performance than the market standard, including predictive health indication
  • Elimination of inrush limiting reactors and resistances, leading to significant cost and space savings
  • Cost saving by as much as 20%, using same ratings, same interfaces of existing MV substation thanks to optimized footprint equivalent to standard distribution breakers
  • Reduced total cost due to elimination of process downtime for breaker overhaul
  • Fast and reliable support thanks to ABB’s global availability
  • Assets optimization having both circuit-breaker and transformer switching devices in one single solution
  • Enables increased lifespan of transformers by more than 10% in e.g. 3 years
  • Overall reduction of hazards due to improved protection set-up, specifically increasing accuracy during switching operation
  • Eliminated compensation losses up to 10% while increasing power quality 

Key features

  • Embedded advanced diagnostics
  • Up to 38 kV, 2500, 31.5 kA
  • 150,000 overhaul-free and noise-free operations

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